GELAR GROUP combined contemporary european approach with a heritage of the russia’s construction companies.

Gelar Group

Created around the basis of the SMU 2 complex, general contractor of the «Don Stroy» construction trust, today GELAR GROUP leads the market of the comprehensive service, renovation, and construction of industrial facilities, municipal housing, and facilities of social values. Our strong ties with key figures of the market is the best proof of our quality and reliability of business-relations.

Our HR policy is aimed to sustaining a highly-motivated, qualified team of professionals, and development of a high corporate culture. We’ve gathered best of the best what’s out there, a group of professionals, that bring in a unique background from construction business.

We follow a forward-looking vision based on a steady growth. Integration of new technologies along with a constant staff training, business expansion, and honest partners relations, is what defines success of the GELAR group of companies.

Despite our conservative views towards the market and the way of working, we are always up to date with technological improvements involved in construction. Our philosophy is to respect rules that brought us where we are. Since we understand competitive nature of the market, and are quality-focused, we provide our professionals with the up-to-date construction equipment, that is crucial to the final quality.